Greg Brewer – a quick take

Greg Brewer, the winemaker of Melville and Brewer-Clifton, is far more philosophical than most people know.  I had the pleasure of meeting him in early January 2010, and I must say I haven’t met many winemakers as on the edge of wine making style, combined with a magical outlook on this wine process that we love, than Greg Brewer.  Incredible wines to say the least, and this video gives you a wee peek into his mind. Click the link below

Dave McIntyre’s WineLine – Greg Brewer


Catching up on Saintsbury Chard and Pinot

Bill Ward, our local full time wine writer (and am I the only one who sees the beauty in that … newspapers around the country are slashing and burning while trying to figure out how to make a buck in this e-world.  Meanwhile, here in the hinterland, we have a full time wine writer that focuses on local wine issues for consumers!) did a great profile on our friend Dave Graves of Saintsbury.