Tour de Farm at the Walker

Tour de Farm visited the Walker Art Center, and the wine and dinner was fantastic.  Living in Minnesota encourages appreciation of the bounty when it arrives, and this even amplified the emotions.

The wines from the evening, with notes by Annette Peters:

Baumann Cotes de Gascogne Blanc from Gascony France– this refreshing summer quaffer is a blend of Columbard, Gros Manseng, and in this vintage a little Ugni Blanc.

It’s from the French Southwest;land of Fois gras, The 3 musketeers, and some of France’s richest heartiest cuisine.  The perky acidity and bountiful fruit give a sweet yet tart impression that makes this a great aperitif wine, perfect for oysters and shelffish.

Served with Trout course

Dal Maso Tai Rosso  from the Veneto, Italy- many of you may have been astonished when this fruity little red arrived in your glass PERFECTLY CHILLED!  Yes, there are red wines that are appropriate for chilling.  This is a juicy and fruity red from near Venice Italy, where it is frequently consumed chilled with fish.   Its made form Grenache planted in the Colli Berici,  and made by one of our favorite rising star winemakers Nicola Dal Maso.  A real fruit bomb, this wine!

Served with  Pork Confit

Pirineos Mesache Tinto from Somantano Spain– this is from one of the coolest areas in Spain at the foot of the Pyrenees.  In addition to the Cabernet, Syrah, and Merlot there is a little Basque grape called Peraleta in the cuvee.  Dense, massive yet perfectly ripe and soft.

Served with the beef course

Falesco Rosso 2007- this may be one of the best vintages of this Umbrian icon we’ve ever tasted.  Juicy and spicy, this is made from Merlot , Sangiovese and Cabernet that consistently delivers the character of perfectly ripened fruit .  Ideal with the beef, rich enough and also bright enough to stay refreshing.

Served with Dessert

Moscato  D’Asti, Batasiolo  2008 – “striking” were the words I heard one guest say.  The aromatic Muscat, refreshing bubbles and slight sweetness played well off the berries and the beet combination created by pastry  wonder  Michele Gayer.  This is a perfect summer “uplift” for desserts when other wines would be just too heavy and sweet.