Hanging out with Shane Finley, Shane Wines

We have met the new king of cool, and his name is Shane Finley.

He’s in a position in life where he could easily swagger in with attitude.   As the associate winemaker at Kosta Browne, one of the hottest wines of the last five years, we would understand at least a little bit of pretention.  He’s earned the right to brag.  He’s earned the right to talk himself up.

But we experienced none, and let me rephrase that, NONE of that.  He’s as humble as they come, wearing jeans and joking around.  He could just as easily be a pro surfer or coffee shop owner.  People in positions like his are usually not like this.

On the side, at the Kosta Browne facility, he makes a truly tiny, wee, itsy bitsy bit of his own wines.  With his background in Syrah, especially after helping out Gaillard in the Northern Rhone (!!!), he has a taste for how great that grape can be.  The two Syrahs we currently have at World Class Wines, The Villian and The Unknown, are simply the most Alain Graillot-like American Syrahs we have ever tasted.  (“Thank you!” Shane said when we told him that.)  Additionally we got a short little pile of the most serious Rose’ we’ve come across in years.

All this from a kid from West Bloomington that until nine years ago never set foot in a vineyard!  Read Bill Ward’s article for more information on Shane’s backstory, including climbing around the Highland Hills Ski Area with a backpack full of books to get ready for the hills of Cote Rotie.  World Class Wines is proud to represent the wines of Shane Finley to the state of Minnesota.