The inflatable gorilla

We’ve all seen them, and it’s amazing how easy it is to rent one, but I don’t think wine retailers need inflatable gorillas. Maybe an inflatable Pinot Noir stem, or an oversized 1970 Ridge Montebello, but not a gorilla.

However, the idea of drawing in customers sure has appeal. Retailers in Minnesota lament the summer as ‘beer season’ or ‘everybody’s at the cabin’ … but you may be able to do your own version of a gorilla:

  • 20% off all summertime whites. Have a dot or a marker of some sort on all the light bodied, higher acid selections. This works wonders … I met a retailer from Florida who mops up the competition by doing this every year.
  • “Baker’s dozen” sale … mix and match twelve and get one free (lowest price, of course). Do the math … this is, at most, just 8% off but you’d be surprised how well it works.
  • Even better — buy six, get one free. This is, at most, 16% off — a fair discount for you to take for seven bottles going out.
  • Sale on all screwtop wines, which skew toward the crisp, summertime selections anyhow. Call it a ‘screwed up economy’ sale if you want to be sassy about it.
  • 20% any pre-chilled wine all summer long! Watch you become THE STORE for the last minute shoppers on their way to a party. I think this could be HUGE for you, and it’s a good way to leverage cold box placements with your wholesalers.
  • 15% off all wine when the temperature is over 90 degrees. Make a show of it. Buy one of those remote thermometers and build a display around it with signs and arrows and balloons. Then go 25% off if it’s over 95 degrees. Wouldn’t it be nice to have masses of wine shoppers on the hottest days of the year?

One Response

  1. Good ideas, no matter what business you run it’s always good to generate a little buzz, and promotions like these are the perfect solution.

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