Save the date: Fresh Taste festival on August 17, 2008

At World Class Wines we talk quite a bit about the organic, biodynamic, and sustainable wine movements. We also realize there is much misinformation out there and that the general public often does not know how to approach this important subject.  In stores and restaurants city wide we still hear “so that means no sulfites, right?!”  (Click here for a great article explaining in detail about sulfites not equating to headaches).

In the spirit of localvores, the writing of Michael Pollan, Farmer’s Markets, and the organic movement we’re proud to announce a collaboration with Minnesota Monthly and our friends at The Wine Company to present what is sure to be one of the great food and wine experiences in the Twin Cities area. The 2008 Fresh Taste Festival will be held August 17th, 2008 (Sunday) at Nicollet Island and will feature a wide variety of local farms, local chefs, and guest wine speakers addressing the topics of organic, biodynamic, and sustainable viticulture. More info, a list of exhibitors, and tickets are available at


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