New arrival: LIOCO wines

Lioco Chardonnay bottleWe’re proud to announce the arrival of LIOCO (pronounced LEE-oh-co) wines to the state of Minnesota.

The terms ‘hand crafted’ and ‘limited production’ are tossed around endlessly in the world of wine (when you really think of it, all wines are hand crafted and limited by their very nature). But here you have something different: a specific dedication to one idea, that being the terrior of some of the best sites in California.

This label/winery was created by Matt Licklider (who brought import and distribution expertise to the table) and Kevin O’Connor (former wine director at Spago Beverly Hills, who brought vineyard contacts to the table). They formed the idea of LIOCO (a combination of their two last names) with the question: could California produce wines that are as terrior driven as the great wines of Burgundy?

To that end, the only variable between their wines is the vineyard source itself. For example, their Chardonnay ‘formula’ is this: hand harvest fruit from specific locations of character – locations that set themselves apart from all other vineyards in California, careful pressing, complete wild yeast fermentation, full malolactic, NO OAK, and bottle unfined and unfiltered. The Pinot Noir regiment is very similar, but includes a TOUCH of oak … and I mean a wee whisper of it!

To say these guys have a dedicated vision is the understatement of the year.

The wines are incredible. In addition to the single vineyard Chardonnay and Pinot Noir program, they produce a Sonoma County Chardonnay and a red blend called Indica (a blend of the oldest old vine Carignane in California with some great Petite Sirah). Click here to see the full breadth of their selections.

Only available in nine states, we are honored to have LIOCO in Minnesota and look forward to sharing them with you.

Far more information can be found at the winery’s super cool, content rich, beautiful website:


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