Vin Italy 2008: a few quick observations

I just got back from a wonderful week at VinItaly 2008. A few observations (more details at a later post):

VinItaly was better run than ever this year. Less chaotic and easier to get to on the business days.

The buzz around 2004 Barolo was evident (even Gary Vaynerchuk is in on the action). The consorzio for Barolo was swarming everyday. Also lots of talk about the 2007 white wines in Northern Italy. 2007 whites are built more about texture, ripeness and structure, perhaps slightly less aromatic than 2006, but much more rich, and serious.

Also in plain view, was an emerging new profile for red wines. The taste for brighter, fresher fruit, less extracted styles, perhaps driven by the Pinot Noir craze and recent popularity of cuisines that emphasize lighter flavors. Even the wines from warmer places like Puglia and Sicily were less prune and more red juicy fruits.

The pendulum is also swinging back to more traditional winemaking methods, especially at the high end of the price spectrum. Overall, it was clear that the new generation of winemakers in Italy are well-educated, savvy, and making some of the best wines ever. It was also a year for tougher negotiation in light of the weak dollar.

As mentioned, more later. For now, a little jet lag recovery…


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  1. Annette – I could not agree more, or be happier, about the trend back to more traditional winemaking methods in Italy. It had swung too far one way and had to come back. Lord knows the Italians can be slaves to fashion!

    Looking forward to hearing more.

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