Choosing a screwcap over a DOC

Allegrini, one of our favorite Italian producers, has decided to leave the Valpolicella Classico DOC, chosing instead to label their wine with simply the ‘Valpolicella’ label. This is not a casual move … the ‘classico’ designation carries weight and defines the wine as being from a far better region. So why did they do this?

It all has to do with the Stelvin, or screw-top, closure. In the Italian wine laws, it is stated that the wines from Valpolicella Classico DOC must be finished with a cork. “We’ve been waiting for regulations to be amended in this DOC so we could use the screwcap finish. But they haven’t, so we pulled out of the DOC. The closure is more important to us than the denomination.” says winemaker Franco Allegrini.

This is another example of archaic European wine laws stifling progress in important areas. Congrats to our friends at Allegrini for having the guts to stand up to it! We look forward to seeing the Stelvin closed Valpolicella.

A fine article on the Screwcap v. Cork debate can be found here at the Avenue Vine website.


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