A small green dot can convey a lot

Before diving into this post, take at look at the wine list from The Slanted Door in San Francisco (arguably one of the better restaurants in that great city). They identify their organic and biodynamic selections with nice subtle icons. A moon, a star, etc.

The organic/sustainable/biodynamic issue is hot at the moment, and shows no sign of slowing down. I can’t reasonably see a day when people fade from the issue and say ‘Do you have any wines with chemical influence? I like those!’ This is not a pendulum swinging … this is a cultural shift in how we eat and drink.

If your restaurant takes the sustainable/organic/biodynamic positions seriously, consider adding icons like The Slanted Door has. Just be sure to train your staff on how to talk about these topics! (We can help with that, hint hint.)

For retailers, what if you had a subtle but consistent indicator of organic/biodynamic/sustainable wines? An inexpensive rubber stamp set of leaves and trees is all you need. Or even just a small green dot … as soon as a customer asks ‘what does the dot mean?’ you have the door open to a conversation.


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