Dramatic evidence of Australia’s drought

We’ve been hearing about the drought in Australia, how it has been eight years since the last significant rainfall that has filled the catchbasins (used for essential vineyard irrigation). Maybe it’s because we live in the land of 10,000 lakes and I get to see water almost every day, but the drought in Australia never seems to sink in for me.

Ten days ago I took this photo of the water reserve pond at Heggie’s Vineyard in Eden Valley (famous for delicious Riesling). As recently as seven years ago the water lapped at the bottom of the dock. As you can see, they are in crisis mode, and this story is repeated by many wineries in Barossa, Eden Valley, and McClaren Vale. Keep this image in mind the next time you taste any wines from South Australia.

Heggie’s Vineyard, Eden Valley Australia, Water retention pond


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